My Senegalese name is Ndëye Fatou Amar, and it only took me 3 days to learn it!

I’m back in Thies with internet for a couple days, so I’ll try to post as much as I can before heading back to Bayakh for 2 weeks!

Some quick highlights:

There was a baptism, a ngente, at my house on Saturday which was a big surprise, overwhelming but also really fun. Some rams (which had previously scared me charging around our compound) were slaughtered, a million people came, and SO much dancing happened. Here’s a little clip.

I was named after Ndëye Fatou Amar in my compound, who among being an incredible dancer (see above clip), is the family hairstylist. So this happened after a few days of persuasion…

Rafetna, n’est-ce pas??