Here’s a rundown of the food I eat daily:

Breakfast consists of bagette and chocolate (or bread and butter) and Nescafe instant coffee. I eat alone around 9 in the morning after someone in my family goes down to the boutique my family owns and brings back the bread and spread.

Lunch is the main meal and takes place around 2 or so in the afternoon. We sit around on stools or the ground gathering around a big bowl placed outside on the sand. We eat with spoons or our hands. Rice or ceebĀ is the star player in this meal with different sauces, vegetables fish or meat. Popular dishes include:

Ceeb u jen (rice and fish with lots of veggies if you’re wealthy)

Ceeb u yapp (rice and meat – all you eat during and for weeks after Tabaski)

Maffe (rice and a peanut sauce)

Dinner is really variable but smaller than lunch and eaten after dark in the same fashion. We sometimes have something similar to rice pudding, rice with crunchy fried rice in the middle, or rice and beans.

Noteworthy snacks we learned to make from our friends at rooftop party include



and fattaya- like a fried hot pocket. ours were fishy and small