I am finally in my home sweet home Kebemer, which started out about as sweet as three week old Tabaski ram. I’ve only been here a little while, though, so I’m trying to keep an open mind. Instead of going on a rant about my new family, the city, and the men of this country, I’ll entertain everyone with a bathroom tally. In six days there have been:

cockroaches slaughtered in the bathroom – 22

escaped cockroaches now MIA – 2

cockroach carcasses discovered the next morning – 6
(ensued the heated debate among my friends and I about what was happening to all the slain)

Cockroaches killed fighting over the carcass of their own kind  – 6                                                      (settled the debate)

Cockroach arch nemesis – 1

*** some may be represented in multiple counts


One comment

  1. Rofl !!!! Sounds like a memory we have of being in an apartment in Kenner, LA – you were still in a crib – you were one year old at the time if I recall correctly. I am impressed you are keeping count ! Hugs 😉

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