Month In

It is so hard to believe that we have only been here a month! I’ve adapted in a lot of ways: Tasks like brushing my teeth and tucking in my mosquito net at night are now mere inconveniences rather than reasons to dread the sun going down. Sure, I still dehydrate myself as the evening approaches to avoid leaving my room, but really who doesn’t? And I might still clean up the occasional coffee spill with my dirty clothes, but I no longer feel the need to choke down my entire bagette in the morning- just pass that nom off to a little sibling or a fellow Peace Corps trainee!

Other adjustments are a little unsettling. I now throw my trash on the ground without a thought which would have horrified States-bound Hannah. Trash cans don’t exist here to my observation.

I’m starting to reallly get to know (and love) my family here. With the help of my improving Wolof skills, I put together a family tree of 50? relatives, 19 of whom live with me. My other sister just had a baby putting our infant count up to 3! And you know what that means – another baptism celebration! Pictures of that and tabaski coming next!



  1. Hannah! I am so happy when I read your blogs. I get that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you are experiencing something that will change your life forever. I can’t wait to skype with you and hear about all the adventures and crazy things you’ve done! Please keep in touch when you can. Send me and address and I’ll send you mine… once I settle somewhere lol. 😀

  2. Hey Hannah-boo !!! Happy one month in !!!!! Wooooohoooooo !!!! Sounds like you are forging some great relationships. Wow lots of celebration there ! Sounds like a bunch of the value on the birth of a child – that is cool. Adjustments, adjustments, and more adjustments – got it. 🙂 It is so nice to hear of what you are doing – thank you. Love you !! Hugs

  3. Love getting to read about your adventure, battling a bit of jealousy 🙂 but the excitement about what you are doing wins out every time. Missing you at Hot Yoga- they have the heater installed so its officially a scorcher, I may or may not have thrown up an hour into class this morning. Love you and praying for you and your new family!

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