Startin’ A Blog!

I’ve been invited with the Peace Corps to volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, as an Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Extension Agent!

“Well, Hannah, what will you be doing?” I am often asked. My response is generally some blundering sentence incorporating the terms food security, sustainable development, and site evaluation.The way I see it, if it’s related to plants, animals, or the soil, it’s in the mix. So check back on that one…

Tomorrow morning after a quick Pancake Pantry feast, I’ll be flying to D.C. @natreb. Then our training stage will hop over to Senegal on September 26th to begin 9 weeks intense language (and some cultural, technical) training in and around Thiès.

This post marks my first venture into blogdom! Wabam.



  1. Praying for you today! This is so cool..YOURE SO COOL.. Ha, you’re going to do great. Cant wait to read your awesome stories.

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